Test Taking Tips

When the time comes to take the test do not just jump in and race to finish. Take your time, relax, and do your best. Remember, it is only a test.

  • Read the questions thoroughly - make sure you understand what is being asked.
  • For multiple choice questions, read through the question and try to answer it BEFORE looking at the choices. Then read through all the choices before picking the answer that best fits your answer.
  • Read through the test and answer what you know first - don't get stuck on questions you don't know, skip them and come back to them later.
  • Go back and work through the questions you were not sure of the first time (warning: if you look at a question that you answered and you think you should change your answer but you still are not sure - don't change it!  Only change answers that you are sure are incorrect).
  • Do not leave any questions blank - watch your time.
  • If time permits review your test to make sure you didn't leave any questions blank, or to double check questions you were unsure of (note previous warning).
  • Watch for danger words in multiple choice and true-false questions like "all," "always," "every," "never," and "none".  Because there are no exceptions to the statement when these words are used the statement is often false.
  • Essay questions often require you to make a statement that answers the question and supports it with facts. For this type of essay question instructors do not want your opinion, they want to see how well you can support your point.  Warning: be clear and complete, never assume that the instructor will know what you mean - answer the question as if explaining it to someone who knows nothing about the subject.
  • Be neat - if the instructor cannot read it they may not give you credit for it.